HandPainter-PRO 1.2

Paint and draw on your PDA with this professional tool

HandPainter-PRO is a powerful yet easy to use painting program for Palm devices. It features a professional drawing tool, combined with a very smart, elegant and easy to use user interface.

HandPainter-PRO is one of the fastest painting tool ever designed for Palm OS. Featuring for example an almost instant flood fill (bucket tool), as well as a fast zoom operation and zoom scroll.

HandPainter-PRO is very small. Today as Palm applications become larger and heavier, HandPainter-PRO remains lean and takes less then 100Kb (about 150Kb in HiRes version) of your Palm device memory.

Features of HandPainter-PRO include:

  • Fully operational 4 level zoom, with smooth zoom scroll for to moving around,
  • Flood fill,
  • 4 spread width spray with airbrush flow control
  • 12 line types
  • Copy/move/cut functions
  • 4 text sizes
  • Geometrical shapes

HandPainter-PRO was designed to be user friendly and simple to use, with state-of-the-art user’s interface, pop up toolbox’s, and hidden color toolbar.

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HandPainter-PRO 1.2

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